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#GMILegalUpdate: New Level of Minimum Remuneration for Workers Posted to Poland GMI Legal Update: Border controls on Polish borders GMILegalUpdate: Restoration of border controls on the Polish-German border GMI Legal Update: European Temporary Protection for Persons Displaced from Ukraine Officially Extended GMI Legal Update: Changes in The Process of Obtaining Polish Visas in India GMI Legal Update: The European Commission announces intention to extend temporary protection for Ukrainian citizens until March 2025 #Alert: Revolution in visa centers processing Polish visa applications GMI Legal Update: Risk of closing the Polish border for travelers from Belarus or Russia GMI Legal Update: No more sending visa applications by post from the territory of Poland GMI Legal Update: How to avoid being unlawfully deprived of UKR status - new guidelines for Ukrainian citizens leaving Poland for less than 30 days GMI Legal Update: Non-Polish nationals holders of Poland Business Harbor visas can continue self-employed business activity after visa expiry, also after July 31, 2023 GMI Legal Update: Newly available for Belarusians: a Polish travel document as an alternative to Belarusian passport GMI Legal Update: Ukrainian children under 13 can now benefit from document for cross-border travels GMI Legal Update: Polish temporary protection for Ukrainians will be extended GMI Legal Update: document allowing cross-border travel to become available to Ukrainian children under 13 GMI Legal Update: Amendments to Ukrainian Special Bill – overview of the most significant changes GMI Legal Update: Electronization of procedures for employing foreigners delayed GMI Legal Update: New changes on work notification for Ukrainians – employers who have not submitted notifications on time will be able to do so within additional deadline of 14 days


#Alert: Electronization of employment procedures for foreigners expected still this year #Alert: New templates for applications for work permits and declarations on entrusting work to foreigners will take effect tomorrow (July 29)! #ALERT: Traveling not available to everyone who fled the war in Ukraine #ALERT: Special Bill on help to Ukrainian citizens – electronic document will allow travel #Alert: Planned removal of an extension of the legal stay of foreigners #Alert: The President of Poland has signed the law amending the Foreigners Act Alert: Changes to the Poland Business Harbour visa program #Alert: Poland removes entry restrictions under Covid regulations except for Russia and Belarus #ALERT: Possibility of entering Poland by foreigners in the face of the war in Ukraine #Alert: General Military Mobilization in Ukraine #Alert: The Ministry is planning significant facilitations to the legalization of work and stay of refugees from Ukraine #Alert: The European Commission (EC) proposes granting temporary protection to people seeking refuge in connection with the armed conflict in Ukraine. #ALERT: Draft of a special act - simplification of employment of Ukrainian citizens in Poland #Alert: The unprecedented decision of the EU Council to introduce temporary protection for displaced persons in connection with the armed conflict in Ukraine #Alert: Special act on help for Ukraine - entry from Slovakia will not deprive from right to stay in Poland #ALERT: Special law on help for Ukraine – equal status for Ukrainians regardless of the route of arrival to Poland #ALERT: Special bill - Ukrainians will obtain visas in Poland, Belarusians will legalize their stay more easily (if a minister issues an additional regulation) #ALERT: Special Act - Immigration Office will not process complaints regarding Residence Permit for a foreigner #Alert: State of the epidemic has been lifted! What does this mean for foreigners?