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#alert: Quarantine for travelers extended until end of the summer


Quarantine after arrival in Poland will be mandatory until 31 August. The quarantine lasts 10 days and applies to both persons coming to Poland from outside the EU and those coming from Schengen countries.

Not all travelers have to quarantine. The list of exempt persons includes, for example, those who travel within the European Union(by means of transport other than by plane) to work in Poland. Travelers from Schengen countries may be also released from quarantine on the basis of a negative coronavirus diagnostic test (performed no earlier than 48 hours before crossing the border).

Persons who hold a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 with a vaccine approved for use in the European Union remain exempt from quarantine. Currently, only confirmations of vaccinations made at least 14 days before travel to Poland will be honoured – this is a change compared to previous regulations. According to the practice of the Border Guard, persons who have received both doses of a two-dose vaccine or a single-dose vaccine are considered vaccinated.

Another possibility of avoiding quarantine is to perform a diagnostic test upon arrival in Poland, but before the passport control. People who have already been sent to quarantine also have the option of shortening the quarantine period by taking a test within 48 hours after entering Poland. Entering a negative test result into the system by the laboratory ends their quarantine. Both of these options are not available to travelers who have started their journey in India, Brazil or South Africa. In their case, they must undergo at least 7 days of quarantine before they can take the test.

Facilitations for children under 12 have been introduced. Children will be released from quarantine if they travel together with adults who have vaccination confirmation (under the conditions described above) or have performed the test after their arrival in Poland, but before the passport control. In these cases, the release of adults from quarantine also extends to the children, without the children taking a separate test.