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GMI Legal Update: New Minimum Salary Threshold for Foreigners Applying for Issuance or Amendment of EU Blue Card


On February 9, 2024, the new minimum monthly salary threshold for 2024 was announced, required to obtain the so-called EU Blue Card (i.e. temporary residence permit for the purpose of work in a profession requiring high qualifications) in 2024 – it amounts to PLN 10,733.22 PLN gross.

The new minimum salary threshold applies to applications for issuance or amendment of an EU Blue Card submitted since the beginning of 2024, including those submitted before February 9, 2024. Therefore, applications already submitted in 2024, which indicate a remuneration figure below the threshold, should be updated by an appropriate increase in remuneration – otherwise the applications should be denied.

The new minimum salary threshold does not affect the EU Blue Card permits already issued – these permits remain valid, and employers are not obliged to adjust the remuneration of foreigners employed on their basis to the new minimum threshold.

The new minimum wage threshold is a consequence of the announcement of the President of the Central Statistical Office on the average wage in the national economy in 2023. Link to the announcement here.

Download: here.