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GMI Legal Update: document allowing cross-border travel to become available to Ukrainian children under 13


Shortly document will be available to child refugees from Ukraine. Upcoming changes to Special Bill on help to Ukrainian citizens will allow children under 13 to use electronic document to travel from Poland.

Since end of July 2022 adult refugees from Ukraine can travel e.g. between Poland and Ukraine or within the Schengen area based on an electronic residence permit and valid passport. At the same time, children under 13 years of age are so far restricted from travelling as document is not available to them due to their age.

The changes to the Special Bill will now allow adult refugees to use a separate document for their children. Parents who registered their and their children`s stay with the local administration and downloaded their own document via government mobile application “mObywatel” will be also able to download for their children.

From a technical point of view, obtaining for children will be possible as soon as Polish authorities issue a special communication on this matter, confirming that IT systems are adjusted to new regulation. We expect this to happen in the nearest few weeks.