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#alert: As of today, all citizens of Ukraine are exempt from the entry ban


  • Important changes in coronavirus restrictions on cross-border traffic.
  • As of today, all citizens of Ukraine are exempt from the entry ban!
  • Restrictions no longer apply also to children of foreigners working in Poland and residence permit holders!

According to yesterday’s amendments to the regulation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on temporary suspension or restriction of border traffic, as of today, the categories of persons exempt from the restriction on entering Poland from outside of the European Union include all citizens of Ukraine. Ukrainian citizens already covered by one of the exempt categories (e.g. workers authorized to perform work in Poland) no longer have to present documentation confirming the exemption at the border. Ukrainian citizens not previously covered by any exempt category, e.g. spouses wishing to accompany Ukrainian workers in their travel to Poland, no longer have to seek individual approval of the border guard at the border and fear they will be denied entry. Now the standard “pre-coronavirus” regulations on border crossing apply to all of the above cases. However, a quarantine requirement may still apply after crossing the border.

Additional amendments to the regulation also facilitate the entry to Poland of children under the care of foreigners holding “Karta Polaka”, permanent or temporary residence permit, or working legally in Poland. From now on, children under the care of such foreigners are also exempt from the entry ban, regardless of the passport they hold.