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#Alert: Changes in post-arrival quarantine in Poland from 30 September


From 30 September 2021 changes in quarantine rules for travel to Poland apply in addition to extension of applying quarantine until 31 October 2021.

I. Quarantine measures extended until 31 October 2021

Applying quarantine measures for travels to Poland will continue until 31 October 2021.

It was not decided to cancel quarantine requirements for travellers arriving from another Schengen countries.

It is still applicable that persons whose travel originated outside of Schengen zone do not have possibility to take a COVID test earlier than after 7 days to end 10-day quarantine. Such persons can still benefit from exemptions from quarantine, such as based on COVID vaccination.

Turkey remains only non-Schengen country for which it is possible to shorten quarantine in Poland by taking a test earlier than 7 days from arrival.

There is no information that Poland plans to agree with any additional country on relaxation of quarantine.

II. Quarantine exemption for holders of digital COVID certificates

Poland will start to accept digital certificates confirming negative result of a COVID test issued also by some non-EU countries.

Previously only EU digital certificates were accepted.

After 30 September, digital certificates from following non-UE countries will be accepted as a basis of quarantine exemption:

  1. Monaco
  2. Andorra
  3. Morocco
  4. Faroe Islands
  5. Panama
  6. Albania
  7. Turkey
  8. Republic of North Macedonia
  9. Ukraine
  10. San Marino
  11. Vatican City State

Digital certificates (confirming negative result of a COVID test) from above countries will offer possibility to avoid quarantine in Poland. Taking additional COVID test after 7 days of quarantine will not apply for holders of these certificates.

List of approved countries is determined not by Polish regulations, but based on implementing decisions of European Commission. The Commission issues decisions for each country separately..

List of foreign digital COVID certificates accepted in Poland may change also before 31 October, without change of Polish regulation, in case the European Commission issues new decision(s).

Decisions of approvals of non-EU digital certificates are published on official portal of UE law here:

III. Possibility to obtain digital certificates for non-UE COVID vaccinations

From 30 September, it will become possible to obtain EU digital certificates for COVID vaccinations taken outside of Poland.

Persons that took vaccination with an EU-approved COVID vaccine can obtain in Poland EU digital certificate of vaccination, based on foreign vaccination.

The solution will be available also for vaccinations in non-EU countries (such as Ukraine or US).

It will be required to present 1) original statement of vaccination with an EU-approved COVID vaccine issued by foreign authorities, 2) translation to Polish made by sworn translator and 3) consent for personal data processing.

Details of this process and list of points where it will be possible to obtain EU digital certificates for foreign COVID vaccinations will be determined by public health authorities in Poland.

 IV. Exemption from quarantine for persons travelling for public conferences

Persons travelling to take part as a participant in an international conference organized in Poland, by a state institution or a local (regional, municipal) institution are exempt from quarantine past 30 September if the conference is organized based on international agreement of Poland.

Past 30 September not all conferences organized by state or local institutions allow for their participants to avoid quarantine based on participation in conference. Only conferences organized based on international agreement of Poland will allow to avoid quarantine.

Participant has to carry confirmation issued by organizer of the conference to benefit from quarantine exemption.

The exemption does not extend to conferences organized by other entities, such as private entities.

V. Exemption from quarantine in case of visiting children

Quarantine exemption will be also available for persons travelling to Poland to exercise court judgement about contacts with underage child (if child lives in another country than parent).

Please note that the child does not have to live in Poland – the rule may also apply in case of transit to another country.

A copy of the court judgement in Polish or English is required to benefit from quarantine exemption.

Please note that the same group of persons were not added to groups of foreigners that can enter Poland from outside UE under COVID restrictions. To benefit from quarantine exemption, traveller will have to first prove right to enter Poland without obtaining separate entry approval. For example, citizens of Ukraine or Belarus are exempt from entry approval.

 VI. Scope of COVID entry restrictions

Group of foreigners eligible for enter to Poland from a non-EU country under COVID restrictions remain the same.

Dependents of a foreign employee may still enter Poland only if they hold status allowing entry on their own (examples: student of a Polish school, holder of a Poland Business Harbour visa, Ukrainian citizen).

Applying for individual entry approval is still required to enter Poland from outside UE for non-eligible foreigners.

VII.  Train travels from Ukraine allowed again

After 30 September it will be possible to re-open train connections between Poland and Ukraine.

Train connections with Belarus remain suspended.

Actual availability of train connections between Poland and Ukraine will depend on decisions of transport companies.