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#Alert: Poland removes entry restrictions under Covid regulations except for Russia and Belarus


Polish government significantly limited restrictions under Covid regulations in entry to Poland from outside UE from 19 February 2022.

Foreign employees (and their family members) entering Poland from outside UE will not have to prove (in most cases) that they belong to one of groups of eligible foreigners under Covid restrictions.

In practice – the Covid restrictions in entry will now apply almost exclusively to travellers from Russia and in lesser extent, Belarus.

From 19 February 2022, entry restrictions for foreigners under Covid regulations will apply only to entries at:

  • airport border crossing points, but only for flights from Belarus and Russia;
  • land border crossing points with Belarus;
  • land border crossing points with Russia;
  • sea border crossing points (in case of arrivals from outside UE to Poland by sea).

Travellers that are subject to entry restrictions regulations can enter Poland by proving that they belong to one of the groups eligible to enter Poland (e.g. foreign workers with right to work in Poland, citizens of Belarus or Ukraine). Spouses of workers are still not listed as one of groups eligible for entry.

At the same time, all post-arrival quarantine requirements continue to apply until 28 February 2022.

Travellers from all directions (including entries from UE) may be still subject to 7 days of quarantine, depending on their status and/or holding a negative result of a recent Covid test.

Changes in Covid regulations do not impact applicability of pre-Covid entry requirements, such as obligation to hold a visa or travel health insurance accepted in Poland.


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