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GMI Legal Update: New changes on work notification for Ukrainians – employers who have not submitted notifications on time will be able to do so within additional deadline of 14 days


Polish authorities published newest changes to the Special Bill on help to foreigners from Ukraine on last Friday evening. New regulations came to effect on the following day (28 January) and provide many significant changes in the Polish immigration law, not least the special regulations provided for Ukrainians.

The new legislation explicitly indicates the employer duty to file a work notification in the event that an Ukrainian obtains a combined temporary residence and work permit (Single Permit) with an annotation of exemption from the work permit under the Special Bill, even if the work was performed before such a permit was delivered to such a person.

Employers who have not notified Local Labor Office about employment of Ukrainians who received such permits before changes’ effective date are now allowed to submit missing notifications in and additional and exceptional deadline which is 14 days from 28 January. Considering the close end of this deadline and possible negative consequences on failure to comply this duty, we recommend that missing notifications be submitted immediately.
For permits issued the earliest on 28 January, work notifications must be submitted within 14 days from the date of receiving Single Permit by an Ukrainian national.

This practice of submitting notifications in the cases as above was unofficially presented by the authorities also before the changes’ effective date and our team has been recommending our Clients to use this approach from the very beginning. Now it is clearly reflected in the updated law.

More changes, including regarding residence permits for Ukrainian refugees and cancellation of Covid-19 extensions were also published recently. Some of them are already in force, others will shortly come to effect. The details will be shared in upcoming posts. We invite you to follow us on LinkedIn.