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PCS | Littler – first choice HR law firm


We invite you to read the article about PCS | Littler, published in the ranking issue of Rzeczpospolita.

Article is available: here. 


PCS | Littler – first choice HR law firm

In 2 years, a company described as first choice HR law firm was created.

The numbers are really impressive – a team of over 110 people (lawyers, global mobility & immigration team, administration), 6 offices in Poland, a 3-fold growth in 2 years. Increase of employment in the last year of approx. 65%. Part of the world’s largest labor law firm, Littler.

But the statistics are not what’s most important.

Partners of PCS | Littler created the largest community of HR and immigration law enthusiasts in Poland. The company’s LinkedIn profile is followed by over 8,000. industry experts. The profile of the managing partner Sławomir Paruch, attorney-at law, attracts the attention of 30,000 people, and Łukasz Chruściel, attorney-at law, has over 20,000 followers. Sławomir Paruch is the most followed lawyer in the Polish media community, not only in the HR law industry. He sets trends on the market.

The group of senior partners and partners of PCS | Littler is growing. In 2022, Robert Stępień, attorney-at law, head of the Relationships with Trade Unions Team and head of Krakow Office became one of the senior name partners. Karolina Kanclerz, attorney-at law, head of the Wrocław office joined the group of senior partners. Miłosz Awedyk, attorney-at law, Tomasz Rogala, attorney-at law, and Paweł Sych, attorney-at law all became partners. There is an opinion among lawyers on the market that PCS | Littler is a springboard to success and understanding of the legal market.

PCS | Littler is appreciated for pro bono initiatives in Poland and worldwide

PCS | Littler’s motto from the beginning of its existence is: Human Matters. Nowadays, above all, it obliges to help those in need.

Since its foundation, PCS | Littler has shared experience freely. The firm was awarded for the website devoted to legal advice during the pandemic and for the newsletter on the pandemic. Almost every day, PCS | Littler organized online meetings, which gathered several dozen to several hundred people looking for help in the field of HR management. Last year, there were almost 150 meetings.

For the last few months the firm is focused on pro bono work for refugees from Ukraine as part of the initiative “How to help Ukraine”. PCS | Littler Team under the supervision of advocate Karolina Schiffter provides free legal advice. They have helped over 700 people, published many articles and alerts, and organized several free online meetings. Many members of the office’s immigration team are involved in pro bono assistance for refugees from Ukraine.

With the message of helping Ukraine, Karolina Schiffter and Sławomir Paruch reached the USA, where in May this year they gave a speech at the Executive Employer Conference 2022 in front of nearly a thousand esteemed guests – lawyers and managers of the largest American companies. The speech was widely echoed in Poland and the USA and brought substantial help to those in need.

What are the plans for the next year and what’s next with the development strategy of PCS | Littler?

The partners primarily want to strengthen the position of PCS | Littler as a first choice law firm and show clients that cooperation with PCS | Littler is an investment. An investment that translates directly into financial results, which are related to competitive advantage due to constructive legal advice.