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#ALERT: Removal of the quarantine after arrival to Poland


From 28 March 2022 there is no obligation to quarantine after arrival to Poland.

This means that all travellers (Polish citizens and foreigners) do not have to e.g. perform tests for the presence of coronavirus in connection with their entry to Poland. There is no difference whether they come to Poland from outside the European Union or as part of a trip within the European Union.

Other significant items from the new regulation include:

  1. abolition of the requirement to wear face masks (in places other than pharmacies and buildings where medical activities are performed);
  2. persons previously directed to quarantine must complete it on earlier terms;
  3. persons who came from Ukraine in connection with the war can obtain a so-called covid passport (e.g. about undergoing appropriate vaccinations against Covid); without presenting a sworn translation of a foreign vaccination certificate;
  4. maintaining the suspension of passenger rail transport from Belarus until 30 April 2022.

Other regulations regarding the situation of foreigners, introduced in connection with the coronavirus epidemic, still apply in Poland.

The removal of applying quarantine after arrival in Poland does not mean that extension of the validity of visas or work permits of foreigners (on the basis of the so-called anti-crisis shield) will stop. Currently there is no information when the automatic extension of the validity of documents of foreigners will be discontinued.

Restrictions on the entry of foreigners coming to Poland directly from Belarus and Russia also continue to apply. Limited groups of foreigners can enter Poland from these countries, e.g. foreigners working in Poland. Family members of foreign workers may still not be able to enter (depending on their personal status e.g. enrolment to school in Poland). The restrictions do not apply only to citizens of Belarus or Russia, but to all foreign travellers arriving from these countries.