HR Signal: The EU Whistleblowing Directive

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A year of working remotely in practice – and the pitfalls awaiting employers


The pandemic highlighted an important issue – lack of regulations governing all aspects of this form of work performance. Both the telework regulations in force at the time and the regulations contained in the Special Covid Law were unable to meet the needs and expectations of the parties to the employment relationship. The regulations on telework turned out to be too rigid and outdated – they did not reflect reality.Due to the continuing epidemic situation and the increasingly louder demands of employers and employees, the legislator decided to abandon the existing regulations regarding telework and adopt new regulations enabling remote work. Although at first glance it might seem that the new remote work regulation is comprehensive, reality has verified it over the past year. In this case too, employers should carefully consider the decision to work remotely before agreeing to it. – Bartosz Wszeborowski, Michalina Lewandowska-Alama and Aleksandra Bruchajzer comment for Contact Online magazine.

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