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Anti-crisis Shield: Measures regarding work and stay of foreigners


The Anti-crisis Shield protects employers and foreigners against illegal stay or loss of right to work in Poland due to closure of public offices in Poland.

The following measures have been introduced:

  1. Automatic extension of Work Permits and statements about entrusting work to foreigner – permits that expire during epidemic will be automatically prolonged until 30 days after end of epidemic state.
  2. Polish National visas and Polish residence cards that expire during epidemic state will be automatically prolonged until 30 days after end of epidemic state.
  3. Foreigners who stay in Poland on the basis of documents other than Polish national visa or Polish Residence Permit will also be able to continue their stay in Poland past expiry of the document, provided that they submit an appropriate application within 30 days from the end of epidemic state.
  4. Extension of deadline to submit registration of stay of EU citizen. Deadline to submit application (90 days since last crossing of Polish border) is suspended for the period of epidemic state.
  5. Administrative proceedings are put on hold and any deadlines in immigration cases are suspended. Immigration Office can still issue a decision during period of suspension if application is complete and does not require any clarifications or amendments.
  6. Extension of time to leave Poland for foreigners who received a formal obligation to leave is introduced until 30 days after end of epidemic state.

The above measures may be extended – the government is working on supplementing the rules adopted so far, also with regard to measures concerning foreigners.