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Longer Studies May Not Pay Off in Terms of Leave


Poland’s labour laws create an unfair distinction between students pursuing different types of degrees, with integrated master’s degree students facing a disadvantage compared to students enrolled in a two-tier degree program. Under Poland’s labour laws, completing a degree is considered equivalent to eight years of work experience. However, while the former students must complete five years of study to be granted this entitlement, the latter achieve this after only three years. But this isn’t the only perplexing aspect of the regulations – periods of working under civil law contracts, such as contracts for services or commissions, are not counted towards work experience. This leads to absurd situations where a person has been in the labour market for several years but must still wait at least two years after switching to an employment contract to qualify for a longer annual leave entitlement. – Bartosz Wszeborowski comments for

The article in Polish is avialible: here.