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Changes in rules of entry of foreigners to Poland during the pandemic


The Polish government has amended categories of foreigners exempt from the entry ban to Poland.

The entry ban currently does not apply to the categories of non-Polish citizens presented below. The changes introduced by last amendment are underlined. The changes are effective from May 21.

1. Spouses of Polish citizens, children of Polish citizens, children remaining under childcare of Polish citizens.

2. Holders of a Pole’s Card (Karta Polaka).

3. Heads of diplomatic missions and members of the mission’s diplomatic and consular staff, i.e. persons possessing diplomatic rank and their family members.

4. Holders of permanent or temporary residence permit.

5. Holders of right to work in the territory of Poland, i.e. foreigners entitled to work on the same terms as Polish citizens, holders of work permits, holders of seasonal work permit and holders of short-term work permit (oświadczenie) provided that they:

a) perform work in Poland or

b) present documents confirming that performing work will be started shortly after crossing the border.

6.  Foreigners who run a means of transport for the transport of persons or goods, and their transit takes place as part of their professional activities consisting
in the transport of goods or the transport of persons.

7.  Drivers performing international road transport or international intermodal transport in transit through Poland to benefit from mandatory rest period in another country.

8. School pupils and university students studying in Poland. Students are eligible to enter Poland regardless of their nationality or if they study part-time or full time.

9. Citizens of members states of EU, European Economic Area or Switzerland travelling through Poland for no longer than for 12 hours to their place of residence. Spouses and children of the foreigners in transit are also eligible to cross border.

10. Other, particularly justified cases (subject to individual decision of the commander of Border Guard post after approval by the Chief Commander of the Polish Border Guard).

Please note that after the change effective from 21 May, family members of foreigner that hold a visa are still not eligible to enter Poland if they do not fit any of the other categories included above.

Currently there is no firm information available about date of lifting the entry ban.