HR Signal: The EU Whistleblowing Directive

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Interview – Blajer says: Longer maternity leave


On 24 May, a draft bill was introduced to extend the leave for parents of premature and hospitalized newborns. The issue of additional leave for such parents has been widely debated in recent years, as the current regulations do not provide any compensation for parents of premature babies. When a child is born before the 36th week of pregnancy, every mother, regardless of the week of pregnancy, the baby’s health condition, or weight, is in general entitled to the same amount of maternity leave. The situation of these parents requires adjustments in the regulations to meet their needs, so that the period after childbirth, often accompanied by hospitalization, can be adequately compensated within the extended maternity leave. – Kinga Polewka-Włoch in an interview with Paweł Blajer for Biznes24.

Interview available here.