Dear Sirs,

The government has just announced the closing of all educational establishments since Monday.

In this case, the new Act on coronavirus provides for the right to an additional 14 days of childcare allowance.

Below we answer the most important questions related to this burning issue. In addition, by clicking the link below you will find more information on the prevention of coronavirus spread.

1. When employee is entitled to the additional childcare allowance?

In order for an employee to be entitled to the additional childcare allowance, all the following conditions must be met:

  • the employee must be subject to sickness insurance (also voluntary in the case of e.g. contractors);
  • the child cannot be 8 years old or older;
  • the facility was closed due to the coronavirus epidemic;
  • there must be an objective need for the employee to personally take care of the child;
  • other family members do not remain in the household and cannot take care of the child (except for children under 2 years of age).

2. Can both parents use the childcare allowance at the same time?

No. One of the prerequisites for using the additional childcare allowance is ‘the need to provide personal childcare’. It is impossible for both parents to have such a necessity at the same time.

3. Can an employee working remotely benefit from childcare allowance?

If the employee performs work remotely and receives remuneration for it, he is not entitled to care allowance.

4. Can the employee be refused the additional childcare allowance?

As a rule, an employer cannot refuse an employee the option of using care allowance. However, the employer may support the employee in providing childcare differently (e.g. enabling the employee to come to work with the child, subsidizing the babysitter, enabling work from home, etc.). In such cases, there will be no need for the employee to take care of the child personally, and hence – there will be no grounds for taking care allowance.

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