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#alert: A list of insurance policies accepted for purposes of Polish visa application has been published


Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published a list of insurers and insurance policies that meet the conditions indicated in Art. 25 sec. 1 point 2 lit. a and paragraph 1b of the Act of 12 December 2013 on foreigners, i.e. the conditions which an insurance policy must meet in order to be sufficient in the process of obtaining a Polish national Visa, applicable from 1 December 2020.

The list is available for download on the Ministry’s website, in the visa tab ( at the bottom of the page.

Individual Polish consulates are not bound by the list published by the Ministry – in individual cases, the consulate processing a visa application may still verify whether the insurance certificate submitted with the application meets the requirements. A foreigner attending a visa appointment should therefore ensure that his/her insurance certificate confirms each of the applicable requirements, as discussed below:

In addition to the requirements existing before 1 December 2020 (regarding minimum insurance amount, minimum insurance scope, and minimum validity period), additional requirements have been introduced as of 1 December 2020, relating directly to insurance companies. According to them, the insurer providing the travel medical insurance:

1) must provide a 24-hour alarm center service, and

2a) must have its seat or branch in Poland, EU, EEA or Switzerland, or

2b) must meet additional conditions, i.e. publish results of an audit of its activities, carried out by a recognized international audit entity, indicating its stable financial situation, and publish data at least once every six months about the sum of collected premiums and the size of payments in a given type of insurance.