HR Signal: The EU Whistleblowing Directive

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Polish solution on minimum wage goes against the directive


Poland is working on the implementation of the EU directive on adequate minimum wages. The solution proposed by the ministry does not fully comply with the directive’s provisions – the indicative reference value for minimum wage could be equal to 60% of the average wage. The ministry did not specify from which period the average will be taken for the calculations of the minimum. What does it mean for entrepreneurs? Introduction of a new mechanism for setting the minimum wage applicable in all EU countries is a controversial idea – in some member states it will mean a much faster increase in the minimum wage. The increase in employer’s costs is a serious threat, particularly for small businesses. In many cases it may mean the need to reduce staff or change the form of employment to civil law contracts. – Karolina Schiffter comments for Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.

Full article in Polish avialible: here.