Poland remains open for direct flights with EU; modifies rules of quarantine


Starting from October 28, 2020 direct flights to Poland remain banned in case of 32 countries.

Poland has decided to not include any EU or EEA country in the ban list regardless of pandemic situation in these countries. Similar exemption was made for Ukraine and Russia.

Full list of the 32 banned countries is presented below:

  1. Belize;
  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  3. Montenegro;
  4. Brazil;
  5. Nepal;
  6. Georgia;
  7. Jordan;
  8. Bahrain;
  9. Morocco;
  10. Israel;
  11. Kuwait;
  12. Libya;
  13. Albania;
  14. Argentina;
  15. Armenia;
  16. Chile;
  17. Honduras;
  18. Iraq;
  19. Colombia;
  20. Costa Rica;
  21. Lebanon;
  22. North Macedonia;
  23. Maldives;
  24. Moldova;
  25. Panama;
  26. Paraguay;
  27. Peru;
  28. Tunisia;
  29. Cape Verde;
  30. United States;
  31. Oman;
  32. Bahamas.

Charter flights from the banned countries that were chartered by travel companies before October 28, 2020, will still be able to make direct flights to Poland.

Any country from the ban list will be able to resume flights to Poland as long as it officially notifies Poland that it guarantees to only allow passengers with a negative result of a COVID test to board the plane. To the moment only United Arab Emirates and Qatar have submitted such official notification and were removed from ban list.

Passengers of direct flights to Poland remain exempt from obligatory post-entry quarantine in Poland (except travelers of direct flights from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine – post-entry quarantine obligation applies for these countries).

Restrictions on categories of foreigners eligible to enter Poland remain applicable in case of incoming travels from outside of the European Union (subject to numerous exceptions).

The list of countries banned from direct flights to Poland is planned to remain in force until November 10, 2020. We expect that a new list will be published on the same date.

Polish government has also modified safety measures that may impact persons relocating to Poland. The below changes are effective from October 24, 2020:

  • in case only some members of same family are subject to quarantine, other family members do not have to quarantine with them. For example, children enrolled to Polish schools are exempt from post-entry quarantine obligation and do not have to stay on quarantine together with parents.
  • children (under 16 years of age) can travel unsupervised only between school and home during work week (from Monday to Friday, between 8 AM and 4 PM). Travels of minors under 16 years to other places are allowed only with parent or other adult. This measure applies equally to persons that only recently arrived to Poland and to residents (both foreigners or Polish nationals).