HR Signal: The EU Whistleblowing Directive

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Higher penalties still possible despite the government’s accelerated works on the whistleblower protection act


The Ministry of Labour is diligently working on a new draft of the whistleblower protection act implementing the EU directive. These regulations should have been in place for over two years now, so the government is in a hurry. In the new provisions the term “whistleblower” is introduced instead of “person reporting violation of the law”. Additionally, the project expands the list of violations to include human and civil rights, corruption, human trafficking, and issues related to labour law violations. This will have significant implications for employers, as it imposes a revision of current internal procedures. The project also includes the possibility of accepting anonymous reports – each employer will have to specify if they will accept such reports in their organisation. – Slawomir Paruch comments for Business Insider Polska.

Full article in Polish avialible: here.