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Flights from UK to Poland planned to be suspended from 22 December


The Polish government announced via the media that flights from the UK will be suspended from Tuesday (i.e. as of midnight between Monday and Tuesday).

In addition, there are plans to introduce a 10-day quarantine in case of arrivals from the Schengen area, at least for arrivals by “collective transport”. It is not known yet whether the quarantine will also apply to travels by plane.

Travelers that have already taken vaccinations against COVID-19 would be exempt from the post-arrival quarantine.

Despite the planned introduction of quarantine for arrivals from the Schengen area, it appears there are no plans to re-introduce controls at Schengen borders. The responsibility for reporting travellers for the purpose of imposing quarantine will be transferred to the transport companies.

For now, the actual texts of draft regulations are not available. Due to the short timeframe, we assume the regulations will be published at the last moment and the drafts of regulations may not be available for review prior to publication.