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COVID-19 Vaccination


COVID-19 Vaccination. A Littler Global Guide on Legal & Practical Implications in the Workplace

This April 2021 update of the guide now expands to 76 jurisdictions, addressing important topics including:

  • Can an employer require employees or applicants to be vaccinated?
  • Is there legal protection to be excused from being vaccinated (e.g., religious accommodation/disability accommodation)?
  • Are employees entitled to compensation for the time spent getting vaccinated?
  • What are the privacy implications?
  • Can employers unilaterally mandate employee vaccinations in a collective representation setting?
  • Can an employer ask an employee to disclose vaccination status?
  • New laws, regulations, or guidance dealing with COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Related topics within the context of employee benefits, teleworking, record keeping, etc.

If you would like to receive a full copy of this guide, please get in touch with your usual contact PCS Paruch Chruściel Schiffter | Littler Global or write at: